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We Are High Tech!

Dentistry has come a long way. Computers and technology have changed how we treat our patients today. We are more conservative, more vigilant, more effective and more efficient because of the advances in the dental field.

Dr. Oza and The Thurmont Smiles Team regularly participate in advanced education courses. We are always looking for more advanced technology to bring to our office to stay on cutting edge and give you the best dental experience possible. We have invested into following technology to serve you better:

Digital X-Rays:

Chemical dipped X-Ray films are a thing of past at Thurmont Smiles! We use digital X-rays, which utilized 90% less radiation than old film based X-rays. We can now darken, lighten, enlarge and zoom in your X-rays for proper diagnosis. Our philosophy is to always be conservative with our treatment recommendations and we only prescribe X-rays, which are necessary.

Intra-Oral Camera:

Pictures are worth a thousand words! The pictures of teeth and surrounding structures enable the patients to get involved in their own oral health. We are also able to show before and after treatment pictures of your teeth. The cameras help you see what we see and together we will decide how to get to optimum oral health.

Fiber Optics:

Along with traditional methods of locating decay and fractures of teeth surfaces, like X-rays and tiny instrument called explorer, we also use Laser and Fiber Optic lights. We lower the lights in the room and when the light from Fiber Optic hand tool passes the tooth, dark areas or weakened tooth enamel can be very easily visualized. We want to be very thorough when we do your examinations.

Laser Cavity Detection:

In old times we used to rely on just X-rays and tiny instruments to locate cavities. Now we have added lasers to reach the tight areas where X-rays still can’t pick up decay and the tiniest instrument is still too big to feel the “catch” or a newly developing cavity. The sooner we catch problems, the better it is for you in long run. Remember, when problems are small, solutions are small and in dentistry that means less pain and less expense!

Dry Shield ® isolation system:

It is a soft, flexible mouthpiece, which allows you to rest your jaw during treatment. The attached suction cord enables us to safely remove mercury loaded silver fillings, metal posts, old metal-porcelain crowns and prevents them from going down your throat. We are also able to keep the teeth surfaces completely dry, germ and saliva free, which is an absolute must to accurately bond today’s latest dental fillings and crowns to your teeth.

State of The Art Sterilization:

Because your health and safety are our top priority, we have invested into latest sterilization systems in our office. We surpass all the CDC and OSHA guidelines and are very strict about infection control in our office.

Dental Telescopic Loupes:

Dr. Oza utilizes surgical loupes (magnification glasses). The glasses allow her to see the teeth and oral structures at 4 times their actual size. Teeth problems usually start small and if we catch cavities or other diseases in the early stage, the better for you. We also preserve precious natural tooth structure; procedure is shorter, painless and less expensive if decay is caught when it is just starting to form. By viewing the prepared teeth with magnification, she is also able to make sure that there is no decay left inside a tooth after treatment.

Ultrasonic Piezo Scalers:

If you have been to a dentist where only hand scalers were used, you will immediately appreciate the difference when our hygienist gently removes the deposits and bacterial biofilm from your teeth by using this efficient tool. You teeth will be completely deposit free after your prescribed cleaning is completed, leaving you feeling fresh and clean!


In old days when we wanted to explain treatment to our patients guess what we did? Grabbed a pencil and a paper and tried to draw teeth, chipped teeth, plaque, tartar and what not! Yes, it was difficult and left our patients more confused. Not anymore! We are now using small animation and illustration on iPads to explain the treatment you may need and why. Our patients love it!

Digital Patient Files:

We have now eliminated a lot of paper waste by going digital. By using computers to access your files, we are able to serve you in a more efficient manner. No more running back to the chart room and going through hundreds of charts to find yours or losing important documents! We are now also able to send your insurance claims electronically to avoid delays, which were a pretty common occurrence with paper claims.

We invite you to come and see what today’s dentistry has to offer. Please call 301-271-4400 today for your detailed check up and cleaning appointment.