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Patient Testimonials

Chelsea and Jason K.

Thurmont Smiles was fabulous! When my husband and I walked in we were greeted immediately by name. We were running a couple minutes late because we had never been there before, we had to find the office, which isn't hard to locate. They are right next to State Farm. Kerry is the receptionist. She is very friendly, accurate, and informative. She has been in the industry for at least 12 years. She was able to schedule an appointment for my husband and I together. We have very hectic schedules. She explained to us how to use our new Oral-B automatic tooth brush. It's awesome! I would recommend getting one. With the tooth brush we got a small tote bag, mouthwash, toothpaste, and floss. We both had to get pictures of our teeth taken. The machine that takes that pictures is awkward but the tech, I can't remember her name, but she is a cute tan woman with blonde hair, helped me make the best of it. One of the pictures was uncomfortable for me but she put a piece of cloth in my mouth under my tongue and it wasn't uncomfortable anymore. Amy cleaned my husband's teeth. She is very sweet, thorough, and great at her job. He needed a deep cleaning. Half done half to go. The half he got done feels great. Dr. Manzi Oza is very thorough. She is not just the dentist. She gets to know and cares for her patients. We will be back soon for more cleaning and some fillings. When we left we were also each given a cute green tote with coffee mugs. I will recommend Thurmont Smiles to anyone and everyone! They really do take care of their patients! The office is clean looking as well.

Breana M.

Thurmont Smiles is the best dentist my husband and I have been to yet. Everyone in the office is extremely professional and polite. This office gets you in and out quickly and efficiently...I don't think I have ever had to wait more than 5 minutes before I was taken back for my appt. In addition, Dr. Oza does her best to make you comfortable with any procedure. She even has a little device that vibrates your gums so you can barely feel the needle go in when you need anesthetic. I was honestly amazed and extremely happy with my visit. I hate going to the dentist (like everyone) but these guys make it so much better that it's kind of unbelievable. My husband and I will continue to use Thurmont Smiles for our primary dentist from now on!

We invite you to come and see what today’s dentistry has to offer.
Please call 301-271-4400 today for your detailed check up and cleaning appointment.

Donald M.

I met Dr. Oza at a dental practice in Frederick. I was thrilled when she opened her own practice in Thurmont. Dr. Oza always has her patients' best interests at heart. She is caring and considerate. She is patient and wants to be sure you are comfortable and pain free while in her chair. I trust Dr. Oza completely and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind and caring dentist.

Avie H.

Everybody was so friendly and professional! My teeth looked great after every visit and it's always a positive atmosphere in the office. All the dentist assistants are very sweet and are thorough with their jobs. Dr. Manzi Oza is especially thorough and makes sure your comfortable in any procedure. She's a great dentist and I would definitely recommend going to their dentist office!

Jeffrey L.

Thurmont Smiles is a great place to get dental work done. Dr. Oza is very knowledgeable and never pressuring. I felt totally comfortable when I either went in for a cleaning or had work done. I even had to change times for my appointments and they got me in asap without a problem. I highly recommend Thurmont Smiles and Dr. Oza.

Ana E.

I can tell by the way employees treat you on your first visit how it's going to be and I am so happy that everyone was friendly, very helpfull and really nice. If you are looking for a dentist I recommend thurmont smiles.

We invite you to come and see what today’s dentistry has to offer.
Please call 301-271-4400 today for your detailed check up and cleaning appointment.

Ruth P.

It was my first time at Thurmont Smiles and it was a pleasant one. Everyone was so nice and helpful. They spent time with me to answer all of my questions and my cleaning was great. I have now found a dentist that I like! I highly recommend them! Thank you ladies!

Jeannie D.

I was looking for a new dentist and decided to try Thurmont Smiles for the convenience. Dr. Oza and her staff were extremely friendly. Dr. Oza was very thorough and explained her plan of treatment very well. She was very professional. I would recommend her.

Lee L.

Had a good experience friendly staff very understanding I was running late do to weather. Tank you

Peggy T.

"This was the best experience for me not going to a dentist in atleast 25yrs. The staff there was the friendliest. I felt so comfortable and talked about things that really were bothering me regarding my smile. They made me feel so comfortable relaxed and talked to me like friends. Im so glad I chose Thurmont Smiles. They made my first experience well worth it.

Thank you so much.

Thomas S.

Dr. Oza has provided the best dental care of any dentist I have had. She is very detailed about her care and knowledgeable. Since she took over the practice in Summer of 2014, not only has she made a lot of (technological) improvements to the office to provide a welcoming and comfortable setting for her patients, but she has also modernized the way dentistry is performed compared to before she took over the practice. Because of these changes, I also feel that Dr. Oza will keep her dentistry skills current and find better ways to help her patients. Lastly, I've never had to wait for more than a few minutes to be seen, which is always a plus. My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Oza and Thurmont Smiles as we ourselves plan to continue using her as our dentist!

Julie K.

The staff and dentist are superior with their services, care, knowledge, and attention to details. The staff and dentist are receptive, affable, and insightful. I trust them for all my preventative and restorative dental services. I highly recommend them for your needs.

Jo G.

Caring staff! Gave value to their service. I highly recommend them!

William C.

Very courteous and friendly staff. Doctor Oza takes excellent care of my teeth and also offered suggestions to better clean and protect them. Facilities are modern and comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone.

We invite you to come and see what today’s dentistry has to offer.
Please call 301-271-4400 today for your detailed check up and cleaning appointment.