Age Reversing Cosmetic Treatment


Mr. K wanted an even and brighter smile. We digitally designed his smile, spent time with the patient to answer all of his pre treatment questions until he was satisfied with the proposed treatment and was delighted with the results we achieved.


The result is achieved with beautiful porcelain restorations.


"I’ll have to learn to smile more" says our long term patient, Mr. B. He was worried about longevity of his teeth and wanted a more definitive result. He was well aware of our detailed smile design process. He said he never used to smile before the makeover! The result is achieved with natural looking porcelain restorations.


Mr. C received a cosmetic bonding full mouth smile makeover. This new technique is reversible, more affordable than porcelain and most cases require no anesthesia!


The result is achieved with beautiful porcelain restorations.


NEW!! Cosmetic Bonding Technique!!

We now offer this latest technique at Thurmont Smiles!!

Abi wanted her smile to be even and esthetic. She didn’t like her two “pointy teeth”. To correct the shape of the teeth, we recommended this reversible and non invasive technique to her. Two visit appointment suited her busy schedule and the actual treatment only took less than 2 hours of in-office time.

Why should you consider it?

  • No shots in most cases
  • Completely Reversible
  • No teeth preparation in most cases
  • Low cost compared to porcelain veneers
  • Not sure? We offer a trial smile!!
  • Complimentary guard and teeth whitening are included
  • Call to schedule your consult today! 301-304-7074
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