Our Secret Comfort Numbing Technique

“No more needles?” is something we hear daily. Using strong, specially ordered and custom made pre numbing gel and messaging your gums with a state-of-the-art wand technology are some of our secret weapons we use to trick your nerves in the mouth while you are getting numb. More than 90% of our patients don’t feel anything! The others feel “just pressure”.

Thurmont Smiles
Thurmont Smiles

Sedation and Laughing Gas

Many of our patients have benefitted from a mild sedative medication taken the night before the appointment. We also offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to help you relax throughout the procedure.

Educating you about procedures before we treat

We utilize educational videos and iPads to help you understand dental procedures and explain what and why behind everything. We answer ALL the questions you may have before we start. Many people have fear of unknown and educating them have helped alleviate their anxiety. We spend time with you.

Thurmont Smiles
Thurmont Smiles

Gentle touch and Soothing Décor

We pride ourselves in being very gentle and having a soft touch. We care and don’t want to hurt you!

Choosing the operatory colors and décor took us a long time. We wanted the colors to be relaxing the rooms to be clean and calming. We get compliments on our choices daily!