Natural Looking Restorative Dentistry

Thurmont Smiles
  • Mercury Filling Removal and treatment of dental cavities
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments for “incipient”
    or small starting cavities where we are able to preserve precious tooth structure by arresting the decay without the need for ‘drilling’
  • Treatment of broken, chipped or lost restorations and teeth can be achieved with restorative dentistry.
  • BioCompatible, teeth colored cavity filling Materials
  • Long lasting, strong and natural looking dental crown and bridge work
  • We DON’T USE ANY MERCURY for our fillings
  • Treatments available for all ages.

Detailed steps taken before placing any and all the restorations:

Thurmont Smiles
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  • A special solution is used to stain the decay- to achieve thorough and complete decay removal
  • Complete isolation is achieved with the use of a high-tech device to prevent bacterial and moisture contamination
  • All the ‘slime’ is removed with air polisher
  • Disinfection and desensitizer is used
  • Top of the line, well researched and well reviewed materials and laboratories are chosen
  • The doctor uses high power-illuminated magnifying loupes for attention to details.